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Rent station
Rent station with registration
Rent station with registration

Public bike rental system - a new way of trasport

One of the new forms of community transport, MiBike combines the freedom of individual transport with the reliability of fixed transportation. The aim of the system is that as many people as possible use the bikes as part of their daily life, thus reducing the air pollution, traffic jams and noise of the city. In addition, the main goal is to make this effective and environmentally-friendly alternative more popular among travellers in the city centre.

Introductory prices for regular users of Miskolc Bike!

Discounts for passes by the end of 2015.

Discounted pass prices
Annual pass 7900 HUF
Six-month pass 5100 HUF
Annual pass for students over the age of 14 6300 HUF
Six-month pass for students over the age of 14 4000HUF